It's Our 3rd Anniversary !!!

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It was about 3 years when I had this crazy idea to start an online record store.  I was never sure how well it would work but here we are just about three years later.  Thank you to everyone for helping spread the word and please continue to so we can keep on delivering great records in Canada for a fair price.  For the next week or so I will offer $5 ($10 is our regular price) flat-rate shipping in … Read More

Free Shipping In Canada Until Tuesday January 29th

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I am offering free shipping in Canada on orders over $25 until Tuesday.  Please take advantage and tell your friends!  For my US friends, I will have better shipping rates sometime in mid-February.  Really looking forward to this and I’m sure you are too. Use the coupon code ‘free shipping’ at checkout!

Relocation Sale

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We recently found out that the place we rent is now for sale and will be forced to move in the very near future.  We just moved into this unit two months ago from another unit in the building.  This means all of our records will have to be carefully packed up and moved again.  The only way to make this any easier is to sell as many as we can before the move day arrives.  I discounted over 100 … Read More

Out Of Print (or very close to be) Records Still Available

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I went through and updated our inventory this morning and I noticed a bunch of great records that are still in stock that are either, completely out of print or very close to being out of print.  There are small numbers of just about everything and in some cases there is just one copy left.  I made a short list of most of the stuff. ARTIST ALBUM FORMAT 31 Knots It Was High Time To Escape LP red Alexisonfire Dogs … Read More

New Shop

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Our shop is brand new and we even have some genres for ease of browsing.  We only added four categories for genres for a couple reasons 1) I hate categorising music into specific genres 2) most of the music falls within these four categories.  The genre categories are PUNK, FOLK, ROCK and SOUL.  The category titled ROCK will mostly be what is known as “Indie” rock, FOLK will be a lot of folky stuff mixed with some solo acoustic music, … Read More

Choose Your Bundle (Now $10 cheaper)

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After some severe number crunching I have devised a point system to make this “choose your bundle” work. So here is how it works…. Each item (listed below) will have a number in brackets,  these numbers represent points. You have 10 points to use for this particular deal. You may choose a combination of 7″s, LPs , 10″s, CDs and 2LPs but please do not choose duplicates of any record. So If this sounds like something that you would like… … Read More

Benito Band!!!

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Check out the link below to see a great video of Benito Band playing “Revolution Radio” at apk live in London, Ontario. We still have some copies of their latest CDep for sale in the store. Benito Band – Revolution Radio (Live in London, Ontario)

Chisel Records Contest Update

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We will give away a record when we reach 150 fans on Facebook Another when we hit 175 And one more when we reach 200 So tell all your friends to “like” Chisel Records on Facebook. Tweet

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