Chisel Records is a Canadian record label and online record store based out of London, Ontario.  The record label side of the business has just begun (Spring 2014) and the record store has been going strongish since the Summer of 2010.  Chisel is relatively small and can’t take on massive amounts of inventory, so we will focus on stocking records from small, like-minded labels and bands that don’t have great distribution in Canada.  There are plenty of brick and mortar record stores that stock all the bigger label stuff and you should definitely be supporting them. If you are a local musician and would like to have your music available at Chisel Records, send an email to


Shipping Information


$9.99 flat-rate for all you want to purchase.  Just add records to your cart and your shipping total will not exceed $9.99.


(One 7″ costs $5 to ship.  Get in touch if you’d like an exact quote.)

$13.00 flat rate plus:

$3.20- $4.00 per LP

$4.55 per 2LP

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.  Payments can be made securely with Paypal.

Everywhere Else

Order away!  The site is now ready to handle most locations in the world. Shipping is quite expensive though, as we only ship air mail overseas.  (Feel free to get in touch for an exact quote as most of the time the site tends to overcharge.)


Contact Information

Chisel Records

London, Ont. Canada