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We have 4 upcoming Chisel releases to make room for, so please take advantage of this deal before I smarten up!  I’m guessing I’ll smarten up by Friday January 16th!

Here is a list of some great records for super cheap!


I’ll throw in a free record with every single order.  If it’s a big order, I’ll make sure it’s something really rad.

News / Thank Yous / Andrew’s Favourites of 2014

Thank you to everyone that made 2014 a great year.  That includes anyone that has ever told someone about Chisel, shopped here, Edmonton, Caffiends and Fat Heaven and all of the the other cool labels that have helped me get through 4 successful years in business!  I have some cool stuff up my sleeve for 2015 and can’t wait to share those things with you.  I can let you know about a few things though.

Here is what’s in store so far for early/mid 2015:

-Fat Heaven – s/t – 7″ will be released on February 23

-New band announcement in the next couple of weeks

-Mid to late 2015 we will celebrate 5 years in business and I’m going to plan a sweet show with rad bands and friends.

Andrew’s Favourite Records of 2014

2014 was a tough year for some personal reasons and these records helped me deal with a lot of shit. The number one slot goes to a record that I put out.  I debated leaving off Chisel releases but I just like that record too damn much.  It’s incredibly sad but also incredibly relatable.

1. Edmonton – Walk It Off

2. Restorations – LP3

3. Cayetana – Nervous Like Me

4. Dikembe – Mediumship

5. Cory Branan – The No-Hit Wonder

6. Single Mothers – Negative Qualities

7. Andrew Jackson Jihad – Christmas Island

8. Braid – No Coast

9. Joyce Manor – Never Hungover Again

10. Kittyhawk – Hello, Again

Fat Heaven – s/t EP QUICK UPDATE

-As of now, the masters have been sent to the pressing plant along with the art for the jackets.

-On Monday, you’ll be able to check  out the cover art for this amazing EP.  The whole package is going to look really nice and we will have 3 colours of vinyl to choose from.  (Well worth the $6.66 (CAD) price tag)

-Hopefully By Xmas, you’ll be able to preorder a song (“Night of the Dead” ) ahead of time and by Jan 13 it will be available for download/stream just about everywhere!

-We’ll have a firm release date real soon!  Most likely late February.

-Check out more details about this release by downloading the ONESHEET below!

Fat Heaven – s/t EP ONESHEET

Shipping is Now Just $5 in Canada until Dec. 12th

Yup, $5 flat rate shipping!

PS.  This will go up a dollar after every Friday going forward until we reach $11

$4 Flat-rate Shipping in Canada Until Friday December 5th!!

Thanks for all of your support over the 4 years of business!  Please take advantage of $4 shipping in Canada for as many records as your ears and wallet can take.


As most of you know, I will be in Gainesville, Fl for The Fest and won’t be shipping any records until Thursday November 6th.  If you are attending The Fest, I will have a table set up at registration so please come over and say “hello”.  I will have free buttons, stickers, beer/soda koozies, records and t-shirts (free w/ any record purchase).  Feel free to make purchases, I just won’t actually ship them until the 6th.  I will have some great new records to add to the store when I get back too!

I will have some Fat Heaven stickers to give away as well at The Fest!

Make sure to check out the Chisel Records bands that are playing The Fest!

Edmonton – 3:50 – Saturday – Durty Nellys

Caffiends – 9:40 – Saturday – Durty Nellys

New Chisel Records Artist: Fat Heaven

We are stoked to be working with Fat Heaven on their debut 7″ ep!  They are a super rad new rock and roll two-piece from New York City made up of Travis on guitar and Gayla on drums.

More info on this release will be coming out over the next few weeks and the release date will be late December/early January.  In the meantime listen to “Liar and a Thief” over and over again like I’ve been doing the last few weeks.  There are already been so many kind words written about Fat Heaven and I’ll post the links below, as well as their Facebook and Twitter.





“Listen to Fat Heaven’s debut single “Liar and a Thief” and get acquainted with the NYC duo that’s about to set the Rock N Roll world on fire”

“On “Liar and a Thief”, the guitar/drum tandem get ripped off by a tough love who makes off with not just their hearts, but searing solos and punk-surf harmonies.”

$5 Shipping In Canada Until October 26

If you forgot to take advantage of the free shipping, you can now just pay $5 in shipping for all of the records your wallet and ears can handle.

I’ll be adding some new stuff today too. (Tuesday)

This has been extended until October 26th!  Please tell some friends.

New Wasted Potential Video

If you haven’t noticed, our “Featured Band” right now is Wasted Potential.  They just released a music video today and it f$%king rules!

Check it out in Exclaim! Also, make sure to check out the tour dates and see if you’re lucky enough to have these rad dudes play near you.

Wasted Potential – Two Pumps and a Quiver

Summer’s Over and I Have a Lot of Records

Another slow Summer has come and gone and I need to make room for some new records!  As you probably know, we have a ridiculously huge sale going on right now.  These titles for the most part will not be restocked, so if you are interested in these, pick them up now as you won’t finder better prices on these anywhere.   Every record in this bunch is solid as a rock.  It’s just that we are going to be focusing less on “indie”, soul and folkish stuff and more on punk and punk influenced music.

On top of that sweet sale, I just added a new coupon code that will save you 15% off of your order.  I sprained my ankle and will be off from my day job for awhile so help keep me busy and use the code-  sprain




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