Caffiends Video For ‘Smoke N’ Monsters’

Check out the brand new video from Orlando pop punkers, Caffiends!  We are stoked to announce that we will be putting out the vinyl edition of this record in Canada!  Help us out by spreading the word and sharing this video.  The vinyl release date will be sometime in May and preorders will be up in a few weeks.  I’ll have more details soon!

New Happenings

As many of you know now, we had to change the flat rate shipping price in Canada to $11.99.  We had a small vote and it was decided that we would have one price for all of Canada instead of charging by region.  The regional thing would be a little hairy to figure out as it’s not just distance that decides the price of shipping.  For instance, it is cheaper to ship to Whitehorse, YT (5,459 kms) than it is to St. Thomas, ON (27 kms).  I hope that this works for everyone.  We all hate paying more for stuff, but sometimes it has to be done to keep the things we love going strong.

Some people may know this already, but one of the goals of Chisel Records is to start putting out records as a label.  Well, the time has come.  I really wanted to get a handle on mailorder and prove that I am running a legitimate business before I started the label side of Chisel Records.  Through these 3.5 years of hard work, I’ve manged to build a solid customer base of amazing people.  Thanks so much for that!  So far there are two releases that I will be working on.  I’m not going to officially announce the bands until we have some release dates in mind.  One is a band from Florida and the other band is from North Carolina.  Keep in touch to find out exactly what these will be.  I’m really excited about both projects and can’t wait to let you know all the info.  As I am just one dude that still works a full-time job on top of this, I want to make sure I don’t put too much on my plate.  This will ensure that every release gets all the attention it deserves.  Please help me by spreading the word!

Even though I will be putting out records, there will always be loads of awesome non Chisel Records releases added to the store on a regular basis.  Lately I’ve added Get Party Records releases, limited Epitaph reissues (hopefully more to come), Wax Packs from Secret Audio Club, the new Iron Chic LP, loads of awesome Last Chance Records releases, releases by Deathwish Inc. and tons more SST Records stuff (still) at a great price, that won’t last much longer.  Other labels that we carry lots of their titles include Black Numbers, Tiny Engines, Last Chance Records, Tour Van Records, Grave Mistake Records, Bitter Melody Records, Say-10 Records, Swamp Cabbage Records, Eccentric Pop Records, Asian Man Records, Self Aware Records, Hosehead Records, Deathwish Inc, Get Party Records, Jeremy Records, Grave Mistake Records, Baldy Longhair Records, Hahaha Cool! Records, Flannel Gurl Records, Polyvinyl Records and No Idea Records.  We obviously carry loads of other labels’ releases through distributors but these are people I deal with direct and they are all awesome, hard-working people putting out incredible releases.  Check out the ones you haven’t heard and enjoy some new and amazing music.

Thanks so much for getting Chisel Records where it is now.  I have seen so many new people ordering stuff and I hope you enjoy the store as much as my regulars do!

Free Shipping On Orders Over $40 (Canada)

So recently I took full ownership of the home that Chisel Records operates out of.  There are obviously a ton of fees involved with this process.  To help out with these, I am offering all of my Canadian customers free shipping on orders over $40 (before tax/shipping).  Unfortunately shipping to the US is way too much to run something like this, so every US order will get a free 7″ (of my choice) added to the shipment.  The code for subtracting shipping is: over 40 bux

Please only use this code if your order is over $40.  I will most likely be too busy to get in touch and arrange for you to either add something else or pay for shipping, so I will just have to cancel orders that are under $40 and use the code.

Pretty please tell everyone you know about this.  We can definitely use the support right about now in the traditionally  slowest month of the year.

This is over as of now but feel free to take advantage of $6.99 flat rate shipping in Canada until the end of January.  No minimum order and no code required.  Just order away!

Favourite Records Of 2013

It’s that time of year when we like to tell everyone about our favourite records of the year.   These are in no particular order and I probably forgot something huge.  If Old Flings’ ‘Spite’ came out in 2013, I’d list that as number one!  I listened to that record more than all of these incredible records.  They put out some splits with Late Bloomer, The Fake Boys and Break-Ups which are all incredible.  Below are my favourite full lengths.

Some London, ON bands that I think you should check out: Wasted Potential, The Raspberry Heaven, Limiter, Red Arms, Captain Bringdown & The Buzzkillers.

-Iron Chic – The Constant One
-Night Birds – Born To Die in Suburbia
-Crazy & The Brains – Let Me Go
-The Young Leaves – Alive and Well
-Charles Bradley – Victim of Love
-The National – Trouble Will Find Me
-Superchunk – I Hate Music
-Broadcaster – A Million Hours
-Pissed Jeans – Honeys
-Waxahatchee – Cerulean Salt
-Josh Ritter – The BEast In Its Tracks
-Billy Bragg – Tooth and Nail
-Laura Stevenson – Wheel
-Savages – Silence Yourself
-Jason Isbell – Southeastern
-The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Whenever, If Ever
-Mavis Staples – One True Vine
-Pity Sex – Feast Of Love
-Swearin’ – Surfing Strange
-Captain We’re Sinking – The Future is Canceled
-The Front Bottoms – Talon of the Hawk
-Touché Amoré – Is Survived By
-Signals Midwest – Light On The Lake
-RVIVR – The Beauty Between
-Brutal Youth – Stay Honest

-Restorations – LP2

State Of The Business: Part Deux

Earlier this year I wrote about how things were going with the business and I’d like to give you all an update on how things are playing out. When I wrote that first State of the business post I was genuinely worried that this could no longer continue the way it was, or even at all.

You have probably noticed a lot more records being added than ever before and you were probably confused after reading that first SOTB.  Here is what happened.  You told your friends that Chisel Records exists and that you enjoy shopping there and those friends told their friends. yada yada yada  I’ve had some pretty late nights packing orders. It really was as simple as that.  So, if we keep on telling friends and helping out with re-posting and retweeting, this will be something that will be around for a very long time.  As a vinyl nerd, I understand that something like Chisel Records would be beneficial to other Canadian vinyl nerds as shipping costs from the US have skyrocketed.  Shipping within Canada is still a bit pricey, but we have capped our shipping at $10.  I know this sucks when you just want one record, but the reality is, that it pretty much costs the same to ship one record as it does to ship 8 records.

Earlier I mentioned that I was going to work on some distribution, even if it’s done informally.  So, if you or anyone you know work at, manage or run a record store and would like some of the titles we carry, then get in touch and we will sort that out.  Brick and mortar stores are some of my favourite places in the world.  The best part of vacation for me is finding some record stores that I can’t find at home.  I understand it gets harder and harder to keep record stores going with all of the staying inside and all, but I really hope that changes.

I also mentioned earlier that the goal of Chisel Records was to put out records.  The time has come sooner than I thought.  I was having a rough week awhile back and it seemed like everything that could go wrong, went wrong.  Nothing to do with Chisel at all.  Also, nothing detrimental.  Then I read The Secret!!! Just kidding!!!  I decided to take matters in my own hand and just do the things that I wanted to do.  It sounds really simple, but in the past, I would see a roadblock and go, “Well, that’s not an option anymore”.   So, this time I decided to just message my favourite band right now and ask them if they’d like to put out a 7″ on Chisel Records. They are totally into working with me and I couldn’t be more excited about this.  So in the future, I will just replace shittiness with something awesome.   I will share more info about this project a bit into the new year.  I’ve sold a bunch of their records, so this will be one that will definitely do very well in Canada.   I’m really excited about this and will put a ton of time and energy into it and all of the projects I work on in the future.

Thanks for all of your support so far!  I hope that if you celebrate one or all of these holidays in December, that you stay safe and have a great time.  Also, thanks for reading this to the bitter end.  For doing so, you can take 20% off your order (until Dec. 31) with the coupon code: the nipples of mother hope have run dry

That code will not be posted anywhere else, but feel free to let a buddy know about it.  Consider it a sincere thank you for allowing me to do something that I enjoy doing.

Blackish Friday Sale

Right now, until Monday, you can save 15% off of your entire order.  To do so, just use the coupon code: “jerkstore” at checkout.

There will be loads of new records added over the weekend.  Also, there will be a few super rare 7″s that will be added throughout.  There will only be one of each title, so check on the website periodically over the weekend.  They won’t be tagged or searchable, but they will be in the upper portion of the site.

Thanks for all of your support so far!

Gifting Season & Sale

It’s that time of year again where people like to purchase gifts for people they care about and what better gift than some awesome records? If you would like to give the gift of music to someone, we have a great selection of records by some awesome musicians. Seeing as we mostly deal with really small labels, a lot of these bands you may have never heard of. If you have any questions about a release or a band, please feel free to contact me at any time. Being a strictly by mail record store, you definitely lose that personal touch that you get in a brick and mortar record store. The one thing that I try and do is be as accessible as I can with any questions or concerns that you may have. If you just want a recommendation, just email me and I’ll get back to you by the next day at the latest. It’s just myself that runs this but have always worked hard at getting back to people as soon as possible.

In the last few months, there’s been a lot of stuff that has been on sale. A lot has been sold already, but I recently added more and lowered some prices on the already sale priced stuff. There is so much stuff on sale that I had to put them in two categories. So search “sale” or “clearinghouse” to see both sets of sale items. There are lots of great records there!

Email me if you have any questions:


We now have gift card codes that can be purchased directly from the site.  Lots to choose from and a bit of a discount on some of the higher amounts.

No Shipping – Mon. Oct. 28 – Nov. 6

I will be heading down to Gainesville again this year for the Fest and taking a well needed vacation.  Feel free to order records, it’s just that I won’t be around to actually ship your records until the 6th of November.   This is a special time of year.  If you’ve never attended this festival, I highly suggest you try it at least once.  Chance are, you will be back the following year.  That’s what happened with me.  3 years ago I told myself that I was just going to buy a couple passes and see what happens.  Found a good buddy that was willing to take a 21 hour drive to Gainesville with me and we had an incredible time.  This is year 3 and I am just as excited. Can’t wait for all the bands, great food, awesome people and of course, all of the records.

Speaking of records.  This year I will be bringing back quite a bit of stuff for me and of course, lots for the store.  Expect lots of awesome releases by No Idea Records, Self Aware Records, Bitter Melody Records, Asian Man Records and probably a few more.

Thanks for all of your support so far.  It really means a lot.  It’s been bumpy at times but things are looking great right now and I have you to thank.

Talk to you soon!

Shipping Rates For Canada

Shipping in Canada will go back up to $10 starting Monday.  I have been gradually increasing it since it was half priced for the summer.  If you only want one record, then shipping will be $8.  There is a coupon code for that.  I’ll get that sorted out on Monday.  Shipping is expensive in Canada, but the service is incredible and $10 for as many records as you want is still a pretty sweet deal.

I also added some more records to the already huge list of on sale items.  Here are the links

State Of The Business

Just wanted to do an official post of some new things that are and will be happening:

Things have been super slow lately and I am going to be working on doing things a bit different going forward.  As of right now, a large portion of the site is on sale.  Most of the prices are below wholesale cost.  In the future, I will not be stocking nearly as many titles.  While I was going through my inventory I kept coming across variants of records that are out of print and the reason for this is that older releases tend to get “buried” in the site. There are too many sale items to tag them all, so just browse for awhile.  There are so many great records.  Maybe find something that you never heard of and find it somewhere streaming online to see if you like it.  Records are for listening to too!  I like my collections as well, but sitting around and actually listening to them will never ever get old.  Looking at all the colours of the exact same 7″ may get old.

I was very generous with special orders and in the future I can’t survive taking requests.  At least 30% of the people that request specific records never follow through and in order to get that one record that you want, I need to spend $300-$500 on a wholesale order.  The way I keep my prices so low is that I deal with several labels and distributors and I when several different people want a specific record, chance are that they all come from separate labels/distributors.  On a side note: If you want to arrange a pickup, just order it on the site and use the coupon code pickup and it will subtract the shipping.  I have a pretty large box of stuff that people wanted put aside that have yet to pick them up.  I end up restocking records that are in this very box to find out that they weren’t really going to pay for them and voila, here we are.   Too much inventory and not enough sales.

The good news:

I really want to continue this, but things will be a bit more slimmed down.  My focus will be on smaller US/overseas labels that don’t have great distribution in Canada.  There are loads of labels and bands out there that are doing putting out some awesome stuff and we can really help each other out.  My goal in starting this was to eventually put out some records.  Not as an active label but just a few things here and there in very small numbers.  The reason I haven’t done this yet is because there is seriously a problem with punk rock distribution in Canada and I want to try to help out this problem before entering that stage.  I go to record stores whenever I travel and in Canada I always have a hard time finding the bands and labels that I mostly listen to.  Hopefully I can work something out with my friends that run labels and we can get something off the ground.

I don’t mean to be a negative Nancy, just felt that I needed to let people know what’s going on and why before it happens.  I have learned a lot over the last few years doing this and I am incredibly proud that I am still here today.   Everyone that has ordered records from me understands how much of a priority it is to me to get records out as soon as possible.   It’s my dad’s hard work ethics that keep me going like this, even after a brutal day at my day job.

The most important thing in doing business is ‘Don’t be an asshole’.  I started with this kind of motto in my head and have stuck with it.  It’s kind of like those Jesus bracelets, but backwards.  (What Would An Asshole Do)  Basically, I have survived with little to know advertising and just by not being an asshole to people.  It sounds simple, but it makes a lot of sense.  Be nicer to people in general.  Not weird nice, but actually give a shit when people talk to you and listen to what they have to say.  Cool is weird anyways and I’m glad I’m not that.

Thanks again for all the love and for actually reading this until the end.  You are seriously the best for supporting this venture.

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