Attica! Attica! – Napalm & Nitrogen – LP

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Black Numbers Limited coloured vinyl!

“We are genuinely stoked to announce the physical release of the second Attica! Attica! full length, “Napalm and Nitrogen”. Previously known as the singer for De La Hoya and Marathon, our good friend Aaron Scott has created an amazing acoustic career under the A!A! name. Napalm and Nitrogen has been available for a bit in the digital only format and we thought it only proper to give it a sweet vinyl release.
Limited to 500 and on 3 different colors, Napalm and Nitrogen is a must have for fans of good music. Following Aaron through his well publicized bike tour (Aaron toured the entire eastern seaboard on his bike playing shows along the way),his stints at the fest, or his recent help with the “Don’t Hang Out in Front of the House” compilation, A!A! is something that we’ve been huge fans of and are happy to be a part of.”
—Black Numbers—

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