Austeros – I’ve Got This – 12″ EP


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**Records will ship for the April 14th release date**


Following last year’s debut full length, Painted Blue, Austeros have 5 new songs in the form of, I’ve Got This!

The EP charts the past 6 months for singer / guitarist, Jeremy Pitcher. Relocating to Bristol from Cheltenham (a move that was vital for his mental heath) and navigating the current political climate.

Produced by their friend Tim Rowing-Parker (of the band Woahnows), the band wanted a real back to basics recording taking influence from early albums by The Lemonheads, REM and other late 80’s indie & punk. Perfectly complimenting and not overshadowing Austeros’ simple pop songwriting.

One sided clear 12″ with a screenprinted B-side.

Tour Van Records – USA

Specialist Subject Records – UK

Chisel Records – Canada