Banquets / Mayflower – Cassette


Dust off your cassette players and take a listen to this. Two great bands on one shiny icy blue cassette. Two new songs from each band, plus a cover song each. Banquets takes on ‘Versatility’ by Hot Rod Circuit and Mayflower covers ‘Travelin’ Band’ by CCR.

Side A: Banquets
1. “Sexy Ghosts ”
2. “Unforgiven V”
3. “Versatility” (Written by: Hot Rod Circuit)
Side B: Mayflower
1. “Cork High”
2. “Archival”
3. “Travelin’ Band” (Written by: John Fogerty)

These are limited ‘icy blue’ cassettes (/100) with incredible artwork. I highly recommend picking this up! Both bands are incredible and compliment each other very well on this release.

This is a co-release between Shouting Street Audio Cassettes (Shout#04) and Black Numbers (BN-025)

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