Cougars In America – Postcards – CD (hand bound cover)


CD packaged in a hand bound cover which includes a postcard that contains a download code to give to a friend.

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Cougars in America is the new alt-folk project of Canadian-turned-Bruxellois singer-songwriter, Scott Hamilton. Poet, multi- instrumentalist, and troubadour, he transforms his world into song. His music has been compared to Bonnie Prince Billy or Sufjan Stevens, and serves in equal measures American Folk, Blues, and Indie Rock.

1. Moonshine Cascade 03:27
2. Pink 04:57
3. Silver Shadow 04:21
4. Dreaming in the Dark 04:04
5. Tornado Song 03:31
6. Keep Going 03:48
7. Another Evening at the Theatre 05:15
8. Over My Eyes 03:38
9. Tia Maria 02:44
10. Partout Partout 04:07