Edmonton – No – 7″

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We are stoked to be working with Edmonton again on this brand new EP.  It's titled “No” and it's five songs that focus on brevity and power.

Track list:

Side one:
1. Kicking Up Dust
2. No

Side two:
3. Cut it Out
4. Solid Knowledge
5. Static Shout



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Edmonton has operated on the fringes of Gainesville, Florida’s music scene since 2013, playing their first show in a friend’s house and releasing a short demo a few days later. They left on their first tour six months afterwards, running up and down the East Coast in a thousand-dollar van named Agnes that crapped out the moment it hit home’s driveway.

Four matching van tattoos and a few months later, the boys pumped out their first record, Walk it Off, in two long, frenzied days at Crescendo Sound Studios in Gainesville. The record echoed their varied influences: The Weakerthans, Superchunk, Samiam, and Built to Spill to name a few. After sitting on the record for a few months, the band decided to release it online, perking the ears of London, Ontario-based Chisel Records. Enjoying the driving, catchy, and honest songs contained therein, the label happily pressed Walk it Off on beautiful purple vinyl and left the door open for any future records.

Edmonton sweated and froze in their storage-turned-practice space over the next few months, cooking up new songs with a focus on brevity. The result is their newest EP, titled No. While in Walk it Off Edmonton focused on the loss of power and agency adulthood and interpersonal relationships bring, in No they focus on gaining that power back. In five short but powerful songs, Edmonton discusses unapologetically holding onto your happiness and racing forward in a place that always seems to want to hold people back.


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