Edmonton – Walk It Off – LP (BLACK)

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“‘Walk it Off’ is made up of nine very well written and cohesive songs all with a 90’s punk vibe. If you haven’t heard of Edmonton before, I promise that after you give this album a listen you will be remembering their name. It’s been a couple days and I still can’t get ‘Not a Cigarette’ out of my head! The release is planned for late July, and more details will be announced soon. ”
-Turtleneck PR

Edmonton has also been described as a sadder Superchunk or a faster Weakerthans.

FFO: The Weakerthans, The Promise Ring, Superchunk, Prawn, American Football


‘Walk it Off’ Track Listings:

1. Dirty Roofs

2. Not a Cigarette

3. Ghost in the Machine

4. I’m Old

5. A Series of Questions

6. You’re Just a Ghost in the Machine

7. I’ll Be on My Way

8. There’s Nothing Left to Say

9. Walk it Off