Tightrope / Brutal Youth – 10″


01. Tightrope – Notes About Nothing
02. Tightrope – Quandary
03. Tightrope – Denouement
04. Tightrope – Pouzza Song
05. Tightrope – 100 Unagi

06. Brutal Youth – Deathbed
07. Brutal Youth – Heart and Soul
08. Brutal Youth – Glass House
09. Brutal Youth – Living with Ghosts
10. Brutal Youth – Postman
11. Brutal Youth – Dumb Luck

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Brutal Youth are one of my favourite bands to see live.  They never disappoint.  These new songs will blow you away!  They play fast melodic hardcore with some definite Kid Dynamite influences.

Tightrope are also a great band.   They put out a 7″ in 2011 that is highly recommended as well.  Take a listen to the 7″ here and buy it here.

Take a listen to this record here and see for yourself how rad both of these bands are.

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