V/A – Cancer Is a Punk – LP

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500 pressed (200 pink/300 black)

All proceeds go to the fight against breast cancer.

Mixtapes -Your Little Hoodrat Friend
Landmines -Three Little Pigs
Sore Subjects -Back To The Jungle
Caffiends -Your All Talk
The Fizzy Pops -Cheap Talk
Be My Doppleganger -Nah, I’m Just Kiddin’
Flamingo Nosebleed -Stag Party
The Dopamines -10 Stories (acoustic)
Up For Nothing -The Slouch
The Boston Thieves -Gasoline Whiskey
It Goes On -Is It Depressing Yet?
The Putz -Lunatic
Larf -Possibilities
Lipstick Homicide -Moody’s Point
Teenage Rehab -Southside Poverty
Direct Hit! -Rockaway Beach

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