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Vows are some long-time friends of mine. I grew up playing with and watching these guys play and record music in basements. I remember sitting by Jeff Pupa in homeroom throughout highschool and getting all of these CDs he would make by himself, writing, recording, playing the instruments. And it’s really cool to see his progression as a songwriter and watch all these other guys too. I’m really stoked to be putting this out and hope it reaches some new ears.

Vows is a dream pop duo that formed in January 2011 in Neshanic, New Jersey, consisting of natives’ James Hencken and Jeff Pupa. Their self-titled album, “Winter’s Grave”, was self-recorded and self-produced, and released for free digital download in April 2011. The album has gained much momentum through the blog world especially. Vows is currently mixing their second album and touring while working with a new line-up for live performance.

Vows was born as a recording project between Pupa (as Bone Blanket) and Hencken (as Nillo) to stray away from the acoustic singer/songwriter genre. The two worked with layering synth, organs, and piano tracks compiled with atmospheric guitars, and different techniques for miking and recording each drum individually. “We’ve just worked with what we’re used to in our individual recordings, but under combined forces. We never thought it would become what it is now”, says Pupa.

The band Vows was formed at the end of 2011 with longtime friends and active recording artists’ Sabeel Azam (lead guitar, backup vocals), Scott Soffer (bass), and Ryan Ward (drums, percussion, backup vocals). Pupa is the main vocalist and plays guitar while Hencken controls the keyboard, synth, and supplemental percussion. “We had to translate this album (“Winter’s Grave”) from this unforeseen, ‘no-expectations’, little project into a band, and we went with the people we grew up playing music with. We had no idea it would become such an evolving and organic experience in sound”. Vows continues to tour and will introduce some variations in their live set-up in the near future.

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