Vultures United – Girls – 7″

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“The idea of the record came to us one day in an insomniatic dream, and is intended to be a tribute to our mothers, wives, fiancees, female friends and female performers who inspire us every day. Also…..we like chicks. Cool?

Some of the songs we chose in original form are beautiful, but ours will more than likely not be. We plan to try some really different things with these set of songs, and promise some interesting and loud ideas along with some collaborations with others musicians.”

–Jordon – Vultures United


Oh Bondage, Up Yours (X-Ray Spex)

Summer Mood (Best Coast)

Army Of Me (Björk)

That’s Not My Name (The Ting Tings)

Salvation (The Cranberries)

There are some other songs that Vultures United did for the ‘Girls’ session that are available on other formats.  Check them out here, it’s definitely worth it.

You can stream a couple songs here!

We have 2 of the 3 colours available. The presing of 500 is split this way:

200 pink

200 purple

100 black