Yeah Bud – S/T – Cassette


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YEAH BUD!!! Is 4 shitty dudes, from a bunch of shitty bands you’ve never heard or cared about. We play catchy tunes with bummer lyrics about how much your life sucks and probably won’t get any better. Hailing from LONDON, Ontario this is what 3 father/husbands and 1 scumbag in their mid thirty’s has to offer for the time being until grindcore is popular again… whatever, who cares…YEAH BUD!!! LEE-bass/vox, MATTY- guitar/vox, LUKE-drums, RYAN-guitar.
Previous bands include, the clydesdales ,the threefiftysevens, Kansas city shuffle, far from heroes, midwives, knifeparty, busters.


released February 16, 2016

Recorded and Mixed by: Lee S.

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