The Fest!

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I just got back from Florida late last night and it was the most fun.  I saw lots of old friends and made lots of new ones.  Every set I checked out was fantastic.

I unfortunately missed Caffiends as they played the EXACT same time as Awkward Age and I missed Awkward Age last year.  From what I heard, Caffiends played great to an almost full house.  Awkward Age killed it and it was great seeing so many people singing along!  I was able to check out Edmonton TWO times as they played on Thursday and Sunday night.  Holy shit, did they sound great.  The new songs are fantastic!  You Vandal played to a packed Durty Nelly’s on Saturday afternoon with so many other bands playing at the same time.  Really blown away by them.  Some of the nicest dudes in the world too.  I finally got to meet the dudes in person!


  1.  We sold out completely of the Edmonton test pressings.  This is crazy and awesome at the same time.  We only had 2 left by the time they played on Saturday and the last 2 were immediately scooped up after their ridiculously great set.
  2. I have a couple Awkward Age Fest edition covers left but I am going to offer them (for free) to some people that   preordered the record.  If you preordered the record, get in touch and I can add it your box for no charge at all.  First emailed, first served.


I’ll get everyone’s orders boxed up today and they will be dropped off tomorrow!  Thanks for all of the support!